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Black Portable Signs

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The “Weekender Sign” perfect for cities or townships with sign restrictions of 16 sq. ft. or less.

This sign

  • Is made with thick steel and has an all aluminum powder coated track
  • Is 4ft x 4ft
  • Has a letter area of 43 inches wide by 48 inches tall.
  • The panels can extend above, below, and off the sides of the sign face

Existing Signs

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Need your sign to say something specific? Order your sign message panel today!

Black Portable Sign

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This is a DIY portable sign kit designed to save costs on shipping.
All you supply is a 4ft x 4ft piece of 3/4 inch plywood, a quart of black paint and a drill gun.
With about an hour of labor, your sign will be ready!

About Us

Founded in 2009, we were originally a sign rental company. Customers kept requesting an option to "own" their signs, which led to our evolution as ownthesign.com
We then went on to design the “Weekender Sign”. The “Weekender” was designed to be shipped anywhere in the United States along with the advertising message designed by each customer. Townships and cities are more likely to permit the “Weekender” due to the modest size of the sign.
When the advertisement or message needs to be updated simply visit ownthesign.com. Order your custom message panel, and it will ship from our facility within 48 hours.
You own the sign and the message! No more need to look for letters or having to deal with the time it takes to put individual letters on the sign.
Ownthesign.com saves you time and money.

Why These Signs


When YOU own your own sign YOU own your message! Change your message when YOU want, store your advertising with ease and be confident that you will have the visibility needed to drive traffic and sales!

Black portable signs can be used for event planning, promotional offers, and job fairs. The signs can be used to promote business, school, church or personal activities. They are easily transportable for any offsite events. But they are still LARGE enough to grab the attention of your audience. Easy to order and change message panels.


"We were looking for an inexpensive way to remind people about our 24″ pizza when we came across ownthesign.com Whenever we put the sign out we instantly see an increase in 24″ pizzas going out the door."
Tony Vitale
President Palermo Pizzas

"With all of our other advertising our company does it is difficult for us to see how much actual traffic was generated directly from the signs (2), you definitely do not miss them when you are driving by. The size of them allows us to move them around and store them easily, which is a major plus if you have multiple locations."
Richard Johnston
President Martin Transportation